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Lg washing machine service centre in faridabad

lg washing machine service center in faridabad

In today’s life every person is completely depend on the technology , Every person using home appliance line Refrigerator, Washing machine, Microwave, Lcd and there are many companies in the market to provide all these service to you. We are also here to provide you the repair and maintenance service for all type of washing machines. LG Washing machine service centre faridabad provides you all type of service related to your washing machine if it is damaged or not working properly.

lg service centre

In this fast forwarding India, people has not so much time to wash their cloths by hand every person is using washing machine to wash their cloths,and you even none don’t know when your washing machine stop working,Sou keep the lg washing machine service center customer care number in your contact and you find your washing machine not working properly directly call to lg service center engineer at  9811052330 and book an engineer home visit

lg customer care number faridabad

Name     : Lg Service Centre
Address : Faridabad
Category: Washing machine Repair Service
Phone    : 9811052330
Website  : http://www.lgservicecentre.in/
Hours     : Open Daily 7am- 9:45pm

When call to lg customer care :-

  • Washing machine washer won’t Turn on
    • Power issue
    • Motor issue
  • Washing machine not Draining Properly
    • Drain Hose issue
    • Drain Pump issue
  • Washing machine washer leaking water
    • Drain hose leaking water
    • Water-Inlet Valve
  • Does not Dispense Detergent
    • Dispenser needs to be clean
    • Incorrect product using
  • Washer is shaking and Moving
    • Load is Unbalanced
  • Washing machine washer making a lot of noise
    • Gurgling
    • Clicking
    • Buzzing Humming
  • Washing machine washer washer smells
    • Using too much detergent  
    • Using hot water in washing machine
  • Washing machine washer Won’t Finish Cycler

That is all thing what are the washing Machine problems are so if you found your washing machine showing any of these problems call to lg customer care number :- 9811052330 and Repair your washing machine on time.

Lg service centre provide repair and maintenance service  by 24*7 so Don’t your worry just save the lg service centre customer care number in your phone and directly chat with the technician


Note:- We also provide service on sunday and other weekend and lg service centre is also offering washing machine home repair service in faridabad, noida , delhi, gurgaon, jaipur at selected locations for more information about locations and other service call us at 9811052330.